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Best selling ESTWING tools

Estwing tools are forged from high quality US steel, the handle and tool are made from one piece.
In this page we will present our best sellers (quantity) in each category.

Geologist's tools.

And the top selling geologist tools WINNER is the Estwing E3-22P.
Praised by student associations, amateur or professional geologists, mining operators.


In second position comes the E30 equivalent to the E3-22P but with handle covered with patent leather and riveted washers. Luxury geological point hammer.
Ideal for a nice gift.

In third   position comes the estwing hammer E3-14P , also a flat tip hammer, lighter than the E3-22P which is perfect for teenagers.


We have limited ourselves to the three best selling geology hammers, but there are plenty of other interesting models as well with good sales scores ...
- Models with bright orange handle so as not to lose the hammer on the ground.
-Models with a sharp side instead of a point ...

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geologist's hammers

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