Voiture ancienne à réparer...

it takes pure mechanics, auto mechanics and electricians, auto bodybuilders and painters, and ... a lot of courage for these cars.

HAMMERS Estwing for metal craftsmen

Mechanic, body repairer, sheet metal worker, metallurgist, blacksmith, blacksmith.

" Ha !!! if I had a hammer". In English Estwing obliges "If I had a Hammer"

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

the lyrics of a modified song

If I had a hammer
I would bang the day
I would bang the night
I would put all my heart into it
If I had a hammer
to hit metals

The bodybuilder or repairer repairs damaged cars.

He dismantles damaged parts of the body, reshapes repairable crumpled sheet metal or replaces irrecoverable parts.
He uses the hammer and modern and efficient equipment helps him to detect mechanical anomalies.

The factory mechanic shapes parts, which will allow the manufacture of a complex machine.
The blacksmith is a worker or professional craftsman who forges by hand and assembles pieces of metal to make everyday objects or used in the composition of a building.

The ironworker is a building professional , craftsman or worker, who produces architectural elements in wrought iron, called ironwork: furniture, gates, guardrails, staircase handrails, door hinges and locks ...

He is also called an artistic ironworker when he produces his pieces manually without recourse to serial industrial processes. The ironworker specializing in ornamentation is called a feuillagiste .

Metallurgist: at present, the term "metallurgy" can therefore designate: the industry of production and transformation of metals.

Originally, it seems that Yahweh was a metallurgical god - worshiped by those who worked metal.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.