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Estwing le fabricant d'outils à main pur le prodfessionnel

ESTWING - TOOLS for the professional

You will be able to verify that Estwing tools are professional tools allowing intensive use, thanks to the quality of manufacture, and the quality of design.

Estwing tools are easy to handle, well balanced, and designed not to tire the user while still getting the job done right.

Geology tools manufactured by Estwing are the most durable hand tools with perfect aesthetics.
The manufacturing technique of the tools manufactured by Estwing is unique and ensures strength and longevity. All Estwing tools are forged from one piece. The nylon handles are molded on the steel core of the hammer, the leather washer handles are riveted and varnished.

Estwing: beauty, efficiency, durability, balance.

The most durable hand tools have been made since 1923 by the Estwing family.
Estwing equipment ... a quality reference for geologist tools,
The tools are forged in one piece from very high quality steel. The molded nylon or crimped leather handles are made by a process that allows for a very long service life.

All tools with nylon handles are now produced with the new Estwing shockproof system. The reduction of vibrations due to impacts and transmitted in the handles of the tools is the best solution on the market.

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