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Estwing manufacturer of the best American hand tools.

All your ESTWING brand products on your online store.

The best American hand tools are arguably the Estwings. They are a bit more expensive but you can keep them for a long time so in the end for one tool you will have spent less than several poor quality tools.
In addition to the quality and longevity of the tools, you will benefit from a quality of use. They are designed to be easy to handle without fatigue. Third advantage they are stylish ...

The Three Principles of Estwing:
- Efficient and durable.

- comfortable in use
- Aesthetics.

You will be able to find hammers and geologist's picks, mine bar, hammers and chisels, gold panning tools, axes and tomahawks, knives and machetes, craft axes, hammers for bricklayers,
Tools for all branches of professionals plasterboard hammer, welder's hammer, mechanic's hammer, electrician's hammer, roofer's hammer, formworker's hammer and carpenter's hammer.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Estwing has been making tools for the professional since 1923.
Nail hammers, axes, crowbars, geological, roofing, masonry, drywall tools ...

By clicking on the first image you discover the whole category, By clicking on one of the products you arrive on this product only.

Hache et tomahawk Estwing
Marteau pour maçon et briqueteurs
Découvrir les massettes et burins de géologie Estwing
Matériel de géologie marteau et pioche
Pioche de géologue Estwing
Charpentier avec sa grande cognée
Marteau à clou, marteu pour artisan du bois
Hache de campeur E14A
Hache de campeur E44A
Hache de chasseur EBHA
Hache double tranchant EBDA
Tomahawk Estwing E6-TA
Machette Estwing EBM

Throwing ax E14A / Camper ax E44A / Hunter's ax EBHA / Double ax EBDA / Tomahawk E6-TA / Machete EBM

Marteau de briqueteur E3-20BLC
Marteau Big-blue E6-22BLC pour Maçon
Marteau de briqueteur long E6-22BLCL

Masonry hammer E3-20BLC / Big-Blue E6-22BLC / For Mason E6-22BLCL /

Burin de géologue ERC-7C
Burin Estwing de géologie ERC-9C
Burin Estwing de géologie ERC-12C
GP18 - Barre à mine de géologie Estwing.
B3-3LB - Massette de géologie Estwing 1,550kg, 28 cm
B3-4LBL - Massette longue de géologie Estwing 2,200kg, 41 cm
E6-48E - Estwing marteau d'ingénieur 1,6 kg, masse de géologie

Estwing chisel ERC-7C / ERC-9C / ERC-12C / crowbar GP18 / Mallet B3-3LB / B3-4LBL / Engineer hammer E6-48E

Marteau de Géologue E13P manche cuir
Marteau Estwing de géologue léger à pointe  E3-14P
Le marteau de géologie le plus populaire de chez Estwing E3-22P
Marteau Estwing Luxe manche Cuir E30SE
Marteau égriseur Estwing série Big Blue E6-22BLC

Geological hammer E13P / Geological hammer E3-14P / Reference E3-22P / Hammer with leather handle E30SE / Scaling hammer E6-22BLC

Pioche de géologie Estwing GP-100
Pioche Estwing de géologie Burpee Pick BP500

Geology Pick GP-100 / Burpee Pick BP500 Geology Pick

Hache Estwing de platrier E3-11

Carpenter's ax E3-2H / Plasterer's ax E3-11

Marteau Estwing de Menuisier E3-16C
Marteau Estwing de charpentier E6-22T avec ergot de démolition
 Marteau Estwing de charpentier E3-25S

Carpenter's hammer E3-16C / E3-12S straight tip / E6-22T with lug / Carpenter's hammer E3-25S

Marteau de charpentier Ultra léger Estwing
Marteau Estwing de charpentier et coffreur manche cuir
Marteau révolutionnaire en Alliage d'aluminium ALBL
 Marteau Estwing Aluminium manche noir, tête striée, ALBKM

Formwork hammer E15SR / Ultra light EB-19SM / Aluminum hammer ALBL / black handle, serrated head

Marteau Estwing de couvreur E13PM

Hammer E13PM serrated / E3-239MS Magnetic Peck hammer E3-WC

Marteau de soudeur Estwing E3-WC
Marteau à piquer de soudeur Estwing E3-WC
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