Gold rush - chercher d'or aux USA


Gold digger your gold panning equipment made up of American sections ...
A pan with a flat bottom.

The activity of the gold digger is gold panning. A gold digger is a gold miner.
Gold panning makes it possible to find gold of course but also heavy minerals and allows to sort sands or gravels.
Always to do your gold panning research you use gold panning
shifts for gold of course but also for heavy minerals.
For gold panning Estwing rather uses the term "pan American" which is a pan with a flat bottom.

During your gold panning you may needhammers and pickaxesorhammers and chisels.

Go to the recreational part with family gold panning
The American Estwing panels are made of plastic or metal.
For Estwing and NON Estwing Pans, Pans, Sieves, Accessories, pipettes ... You can find some on
gold panning equipment

Les quatres bâtée avec riffles Estwing
Les riffles pour retenir l'or sur une bâtée
Les riffles pour retenir l'or sur une bâtée
Bâtée Estwing

Four American pack sizes 25.30, 35, and 40 cm, the "stairs" called   riffles help retain gold

Bâtée Estwing métal
Riffles sur la batée métal
Chercheur d'or avec une batée métallique Estwing

There are also 4 models of metal pan. The metal saddles have only three riffles ... Three embossing on the metal.