Batée: 25 cm metal pan American by Estwing.
For the gold digger and artisanal panning, the pan is the most important tool.
The Pan Américain is a Chinese hat with a flat bottom. This little American pan can be the "finishing pan".

The metal panning for gold is made of good quality steel. But steel rusts we recommend that you always dry, oil and wipe your pan before putting it away.
The metal pan is much more resistant but also heavier than the plastic pan.
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Method for gold washing : Principle gold is heavier than sand and pebbles.
First fill the pan with gravel, earth and water. Shake by hand these gravel to loosen the mud and the gold which would be against the gravel, to remove the largest stones.
Then dislodge which is used to reduce the earth into fine particles. Shake the pan back and forth then from right to left. The light particles remain in suspension in the water, and the heavy parts sink to the bottom.
Then wash (depending on the type of pack the movement will not be the same). For a conical pan, a rotational movement will be used and for a flat bottom pan (American pan) a back and forth movement. Riffles make it easier to separate gold from heavy gravels and minerals.
The riffles are according to the models of panned either bumps or stairs (Estwing pans).
Once the largest light sands are eliminated we can reload the board and start the operations again ... several times. When the concentrate becomes dense in heavy materials, we can either start collecting the gold, or pour this concentrate into a " smaller pan " ... and repeat this until nightfall ... (° _ °)
Bring back all the harvest of the "little pan" and continue to mine at home ... The gold will be bottled with water ... The heavy minerals can be dried and classified.
Below is a list of minerals from the lightest to the heaviest.
(Garnet - Olivine), (Corundum), (Zircon), (Magnetite), (Cassiterite), (Galena, Lead).

BP10-10 25 cm metal panning for gold, American pan for gold digger.

  • Estwing BP10-10: 25 cm pan American (glazed) gold panning metal
    is the smallest model of Estwing pan with 4 models.

    SKU code: 034139860013

    High resistance solid plastic.
    ¤ Fixing hole
    ¤ Dimension Ø 25 cm
    ¤ Weight 250g
    ¤ Made in USA
    # " The Number One " for gold panning tools.

  • For over 90 years, millions of satisfied customers have proven that estwing tools provide more value and satisfaction than other similar tools.
    The American sides are in high quality metal so very solid but rust.

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