Un outils de charpentier révolutionnaire, le marteau Estwing AL-PRO en alliage d'aluminium

AL-PRO series carpenter's hammer made of "aviation" aluminum alloy Lighter than titanium.

Carpenter's HAMMER "AL-PRO Series"
Revolutionary hammer in aluminum alloy.

A revolutionary hammer, lighter, stronger, steel head and purlin.

The hammer has existed since the appearance of Man on earth.

Hammers have been around for a long time, and the big brands have long figured out how to make a good hammer. Many have learned to make a very good hammer. But how do you make it even better?

Estwing released a new hammer: 14oz AL-PRO

It is unlike any other hammer. It is certainly a first in the professional hammer industry.

AL-PRO: Synonym of Professional Aluminum

The Estwing Al-Pro hammer is a professional hammer that is forged from aircraft grade aluminum that is lighter than titanium. Estwing describes it as the latest in hammer design technology.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Aluminum hammer, strike and steel purlin.

It features a PERMA-CAP ™ steel head and locking steel claw, giving the Al-Pro hammer extra strength and durability where it's needed. The length of the claw is reduced for better leverage. The hammer head has a nailing start thanks to the integrated magnetic nail holder.

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the hidden feature: inside the aluminum head,

there is an element that dampens vibrations ... which according to Estwing, gives each blow the maximum force.

The hammer provides significant power despite its "featherweight" which is very pleasant for prolonged use.

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The aircraft grade aluminum handle.

According to Estwing a hammer with an aluminum handle should go faster and hit harder than hammers with titanium handles, as well as other modern handle hammers.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

A set of four carpenter's hammer Bush hammered or smooth head, black or blue handle

Tête striée et bouchardée des marteaux AL-PRO Estwing
Série Estwing AL-PRO manche bleu
Série Estwing AL-PRO manche noir

Watch the video demonstration
(in English ..; I would even say in American !!) from the AL-PRO hammer series