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Charpente faite par un charpentier

nail puller

Hammers pull the nails of carpenters, builders and demolishers ...
Discover a range of nail puller hammer for Professionals

Nail hammers.
The straight out nail pulling hammers allow you to tear nails very close to the walls because the handle is quite straight but they have difficulty getting the nails out. Curved purlin hammers easily tear off nails but they must not be close to the wall.
In these hammers some have a flat head, others a ridged head (bush hammered).

Nail pullers are the everyday companions of carpenters and joiners.


Builder : Person who builds and therefore includes many trades. Carpenter, joiner, formworker, mason, roofer, laborer and all the people who designed the project.

Carpenter: From documents from architects, the carpenter designs the works to be carried out. designs, draws and produces the entire structure, from the choice of raw materials to full-scale assembly. The carpenter studies and executes the frameworks which will serve as support for the joinery and the roofs of the buildings.
the carpenter works on a large number of constructions: chalets, timber frame houses, agricultural sheds, industrial buildings, urban fittings and furniture.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Si les bricoleurs ont des marteaux arrache clous avec manche bois dans leur caisse à outils. Le professionnel utilise des marteaux ergonomique de qualité supérieure, la tête du marteau de haute résistance en acier forgé trempé permet un assemblage de pièces par clouage (ou cloutage).
Le marteau arrache clou forgé d'une seule pièce permet d'enfoncer le clou, de décoffrer (enlever les planches servant de moule au béton) en toute sécurité.
Un bâtisseur à souvent plusieurs cordes à son arc, il pourra aussi bien utiliser un marteau de démolisseur avec ergot de maintien spécial pour ossature bois, qu'un marteau de couvreur avec un bec pointu pour travailler comme avec des burins, ou un marteau extracteur de clou. 
Tous les marteaux Estwing sont ergonomique et esthétique, la prise en main pour le droitier ou le gaucher sera excellente. Le système  Anti-rebond "Shock Grip ® exclusif" offre le meilleur du confort en réduisant les vibrations causées lors de la percussion.


Estwing: beauty, efficiency, durability, balance.

The most durable hand tools have been made since 1923, by the Estwing family.
The Estwing material .... a quality benchmark for nail tools for the woodworking industry.
The tools are forged in one piece from very high quality steel. The molded nylon or crimped leather handles are made by a process that allows for a very long service life.

All tools with nylon handles are now produced with the new Estwing shockproof system. The reduction of vibrations due to impacts and transmitted in the handles of the tools is the best solution on the market.

A nice work of CharpentierSSSS : (yes with lots of S)
Halles de Questembert in Morbihan in Brittany.
The building and its architecture date from the sixteenth century

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