Charpente faite par un charpentier

nail puller

Hammers pull the nails of carpenters, builders and demolishers ...
Discover a range of nail puller hammer for Professionals

Nail hammers.
The straight out nail pulling hammers allow you to tear nails very close to the walls because the handle is quite straight but they have difficulty getting the nails out. Curved purlin hammers easily tear off nails but they must not be close to the wall.
In these hammers some have a flat head, others a ridged head (bush hammered).

Nail pullers are the everyday companions of carpenters and joiners.


Builder : Person who builds and therefore includes many trades. Carpenter, joiner, formworker, mason, roofer, laborer and all the people who designed the project.

Carpenter: From documents from architects, the carpenter designs the works to be carried out. designs, draws and produces the entire structure, from the choice of raw materials to full-scale assembly. The carpenter studies and executes the frameworks which will serve as support for the joinery and the roofs of the buildings.
the carpenter works on a large number of constructions: chalets, timber frame houses, agricultural sheds, industrial buildings, urban fittings and furniture.

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