E6-22TM Estwing nail puller hammer with demolition hook, bush-hammered impact head (serrated) .
Special hammer for wooden frames with retaining lug. 875g builder's hammer, straight head, vinyl handle. Striking part of the hammer bush hammered with Ø 30mm. Head of 615g, total weight 875g, length 35 cm. Estwing tools: incomparable typing comfort. The exclusive "Shock Grip ®" system offers the best in comfort by reducing vibrations caused by impact and in addition ensures amazing durability.

The demolition hook or holding pin: used to hold and position a board. A twisted plank is straightened and nailed straight.
Weight 875g (615g head), length 35cm.

SKU code : 0034139626916

Remember to wear safety glasses.

For more comfort use a carrying case on the belt .

E6-22TM Nail Puller Hammer with Demolition Hook. Striated head.

  • The Estwing E6-22TM with glued and molded vinyl handle with "Shock Reduction Grip®" system that offers maximum comfort and durability while reducing vibrations caused by impacts. Retaining pin to correctly position a board.
    Bush hammered head and handle are forged in one piece.
    Head and handle forged in one piece.
    ¤ High quality forged steel.
    ¤ Nail puller hammer with demolition hook.
    ¤ Head weight 22 oz = 615g
    ¤ Handle with shock reduction system®
    ¤ Made in the USA
    # " Retaining pin = nail your boards correctly "

  • For over 90 years, millions of satisfied customers have proven that estwing tools provide more value and satisfaction than other similar tools.
    estwing's warranty is not a lifetime warranty, however, Estwing fully warrants its hammers (all metal) against failure in normal use, but does not warrant its tools against misuse, abuse or wear.

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