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Escalier fait par un menuisier

Nail hammers for carpenters
curved split purlin.

Carpenter's nail hammers with slotted curved purlin, flat or bush hammered head.
Hammers with vinyl handle or with leather handle.

Carpenter: From plans, the carpenter creates the exterior (windows, shutters) and interior (stairs, doors, cupboards, parquet floors) of homes, shops and offices. On the site, he also installs the elements he prefabricated in the workshop.

The nail hammers shown here are all nail pullers with curved tips.
Curved purlin hammers easily tear off nails but they should not be close to the wall
because the handle is blocked by the wall.
The straight- cut nail puller hammers allow you to tear nails very close to the walls because the handle
is quite straight but they have difficulty getting the nails out.
A complete chapter is devoted to
hammers pulling nail right purlin .

Hammers Joiner
are 280 mm to 405 mm long.
They exist either with flat or striated table (head) (bush hammered).
The leather handle is made of crimped, polished and varnished leather washers.
leather ...quality andaestheticsplace the hammerin the category of high-end tools.
The vinyl handle is equipped with the Estwing "Shock Reduction Grip®"
which offers maximum comfort and durability, while reducing vibrations caused by impact.

Hammer: Flat head Bush hammered head

Les diverses parties d'un marteau.
Marteau avec tête plate ou bouchardée
Marteau menuisier tête courbe manche cuir
Les différents type de rabot à bois de menuisier

Estwing: beauty, efficiency, durability, balance.

The most durable hand tools have been made since 1923, by the Estwing family.
The Estwing material .... a quality benchmark for nail tools for the woodworking industry.
The tools are forged in one piece from very high quality steel. The molded nylon or crimped leather handles are made by a process that allows for a very long service life.

All tools with nylon handles are now produced with the new Estwing shockproof system. The reduction of vibrations due to impacts and transmitted in the handles of the tools is the best solution on the market.

Planers are carpenter's tools intended to flatten and dress pieces of wood.

The big family of planers

  • Varlope

  • The half-varlope

  • The riflard

  • The workshop plane

  • The bench plane

  • The low angle plane.

  • The scraper planer

  • The toothed plane

  • The scraper planer with handle.

  • The Guillaume

  • The bouvet

  • The leaf

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