E3-22CM Estwing nail puller carpenter hammer curved split purlin, bush hammered head, long handle.
This   Curved purlin forged steel hammer offers unmatched balance and temperament. The head and the handle are polished and forged in one piece. The exclusive Estwing "Shock Reduction Grip®" shock reduction system offers maximum comfort and durability, while reducing vibrations caused by impact.
One side pulls the nail, the other round (Ø 30 mm) and ridged (bush hammered).
Weight 980g (615g head), length 40cm.

SKU code : 0034139625612

Remember to wear safety glasses.

For more comfort use a carrying case on the belt .

In the E3-22xxx series there are 4 models . All of them have the same head weight, but the total weight is different because the lengths are different.
E3-22C 405 mm (long) flat head Ø 27 mm
E3-22CR 345 mm long flat head Ø 30 mm

E3-22CM 405 mm (long) grooved head (hammered) Ø 30mm
E3-22CMR 345 mm long serrated head (hammered) Ø 30 mm

E3-22CM Carpenter's hammer nail puller curved purlin, serrated head, long handle

  • The Estwing E3-22CM with the glued and molded vinyl handle with "Shock Reduction Grip®" system that offers maximum comfort and durability while reducing vibrations caused by impacts.
    Head and handle are forged in one piece.
    The polished and bush-hammered head.
    ¤ High quality forged steel.
    ¤ Hammer puller nail curved and ridged head
    ¤ Head weight 22 oz = 615g
    ¤ Handle with shock reduction system®
    ¤ Made in the USA
    # " Pull out nail" which pulls some.

  • For over 90 years, millions of satisfied customers have proven that estwing tools provide more value and satisfaction than other similar tools.
    estwing's warranty is not a lifetime warranty, however, Estwing fully warrants its hammers (all metal) against failure in normal use, but does not warrant its tools against misuse, abuse or wear.

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