E19SM Hammer for ultra light formwork or carpenter, nail puller, bush hammered head, 395 mm leather handle, weight 1010g.

Estwing's "Ultra Series" 1010g solid steel builder's hammers, lighter and stronger - unmatched quality, balance and finish. The new sleek profile makes them lighter and more dynamic.
Estwing hammers are forged from a single piece of tool steel which provides the strongest construction known, long life and high reliability. No welding means no seams that can break. These hammers have the handle in slices of cowhide, riveted, polished, varnished ... The class: Estwing. In the head a notch removes additional nail for narrow grips and magnetic nail holder for starting nailing.

Hammer Benefits: A lighter hammer that swings quickly without tiring you out as quickly as with heavier hammers.

Weight 1010g (530g head), Total length: 395mm, smooth strike, Head diameter 30mm.

SKU code: 0034139679134

Remember to wear safety glasses.

For more comfort use a transport hammer holder .

E19SM Estwing ultra light carpenter hammer leather handle bush hammered head

  • The Estwing E19SM "ultra light leather handle" of 395 mm made with riveted, sanded, varnished cowhide washers ... The upper class Estwing. Bush hammered head. The new sleek profile makes them lighter and more aerodynamic.
    Head and handle are forged in one piece.
    ¤ High quality forged steel.
    ¤ Ultra light series nail puller hammer.

    ¤ Magnetic nail holder and nail puller notch.
    ¤ Head weight 19 oz = 530g
    ¤ Handle made of leather slices.
    ¤ Made in the USA
    # "The Upper Hammer"

  • For over 90 years, millions of satisfied customers have proven that estwing tools provide more value and satisfaction than other similar tools.
    estwing's warranty is not a lifetime warranty, however, Estwing fully warrants its hammers (all metal) against failure in normal use, but does not warrant its tools against misuse, abuse or wear.