EBHA Hunter's ax with shock-reducing orange vinyl handle.

The ax is the ideal tool for the athlete. The hand polished ax blade is perfect for clearing and maintaining an area of trees. The sharp hook can be used to pull branches and butcher large animals. Forged from a single piece of American steel with a powder coated finish, it is built for the tough jobs, but the ax is still light, easy to use and transport. Handle with patented "Shock Reduction Grip®" shock reduction system.
Ax in blister pack delivered with high quality nylon sheath and whetstone.
Length: 362 mm; Cutting edge: 76 mm; Weight only: 800 g Weight of the assembly in blister: 1300 g

SKU code : 034139678205

For more comfort, use a universal hammer holder on the belt .

Estwing EOHA Hunter's ax, orange handle, skinning hook.

  • Estwing EOHA with orange vinyl handle made with shock reduction system. An efficient hunter's light ax ... with skinning hook.
    Each ax comes with its high quality nylon sheath.
    Head and handle are forged in one piece.
    ¤ High quality forged steel.
    ¤ Sharp edge by hand
    ¤ Supplied with black nylon case and sharpening stone.
    ¤ Handle shock-reducing handle
    ¤ Made in the USA
    # "ax top of the top"

  • For over 90 years, millions of satisfied customers have proven that estwing tools provide more value and satisfaction than other similar tools.
    estwing's warranty is not a lifetime warranty, however, Estwing fully warrants its all-metal tools against failure in normal use, but does not warrant its tools against misuse, abuse or wear.

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