Blue ax E6-DBA "Black Eagle" double edged for logging and felling.
The lightweight, easy-to-carry design and handle with shock reduction Estwing "Shock Reduction Grip®" brings you comfort and durability. Black Eagle tools are perfectly balanced, built to last, perfect for casting.

Loggers use an ax less and less, but it was originally designed for them. This light and very efficient ax will therefore be useful for any individual wishing to have a quality ax for large jobs. It will also be used by professional soldiers who take long walks or by sportsmen as: "throwing ax".
Forged in one piece of high quality American steel with a double edge. Supplied with a high resistance blue nylon sheath to hang on the belt.
Length: 431 mm; Cutting edge: 75 mm; Weight: 910g

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E6-DBA Black Eagle Logging and Felling Double Edge Blue Ax

  • Double-edged Estwing E6-DBA ax with blue vinyl handle made with shock reduction system. Perfect balance and unmatched finish. Each ax comes with its high quality nylon sheath.
    Head and handle are forged in one piece.
    ¤ High quality forged steel.
    ¤ Sharp edges by hand.
    ¤ Supplied with blue nylon cases
    ¤ Shock-reducing handle blue handle
    ¤ Made in the USA
    # "Double-edged logging ax"

  • For over 90 years, millions of satisfied customers have proven that estwing tools provide more value and satisfaction than other similar tools.
    estwing's warranty is not a lifetime warranty, however, Estwing fully warrants its all-metal tools against failure in normal use, but does not warrant its tools against misuse, abuse or wear.

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