Dessin de couvreur sur un toit réalisé en tuiles d'ardoise

Slate roof made by roofers representing roofers at work!

Roofer's HAMMERS
point, nail puller.

Roofer's nail hammers and nail pullers ...
Discover a range of hammers for Professional roofers.

Roofer's hammers.
Estwing-France is pleased to present two types of roofing hammer to you.
- Tapered point hammers with vinyl or leather handle and flat or bush hammered (ridged) head
- Nail pulling hammers with a longer and tapered point always with vinyl or leather handle and flat or bush-hammered (ridged) head. These tools include a nail holder (magnetic or non-magnetic) allowing the nail to be started with one hand only.

Advantage of the vinyl handle: Shock reduction system, undoubtedly the best solution on the market.
Quality of the leather handle made with polished, varnished and riveted leather washers bringing style and class.

Beautiful tools that will delight the roofer.

Toit en ardoises anciennes le travail d'un couvreur

Estwing: beauty, efficiency, durability, balance.

The most durable hand tools have been made since 1923, by the Estwing family.
The Estwing material .... a quality benchmark for nail tools for the woodworking industry.
The tools are forged in one piece from very high quality steel. The molded nylon or crimped leather handles are made by a process that allows for a very long service life.

All tools with nylon handles are now produced with the new Estwing shockproof system. The reduction of vibrations due to impacts and transmitted in the handles of the tools is the best solution on the market.

Old slate roof: As seen in many villages in Europe.
The first slates serving as roofing elements appeared around the 12th century. They come in various textures, resistances and colors (black, gray, green, red or purple).